A huge range of colour

our range of mountboard contains something for everyone

An image of a range of colourful custom picture mounts

Adding a mount to surround your picture makes a striking difference. You can choose from a huge selection of colour available in our range to find the perfect fit for your artwork, poster, painting or anything else for that matter. All the popular colours are available, with multiple variants and shades of each. We also stock a large amount of 'exotic' mount boards with names such as 'Lemonade', ' Tulip', 'Beaujolais', 'Cognac' and many many more!

Single, double or triple

More than one can make the difference...

Custom picture framing of a VolksWagen camper van.

If you're feeling really adventurous why not go for more than one mount? Our computerised mount cutter will precision cut any number of mounts that you may desire. As you can see above, interchanging colours is a technique that can be used to a stunning effect.

Choose your mount in house

We're always on hand to help

A range of colourful custom picture mounts.

Choosing the right type of mount board to complement your picture can be quite tricky at times; there are a few things to think about! The colour of your artwork, and the style of the place where you art will be displayed are obviously important things to consider. We're always on hand if you need help with coming up with some ideas.

Extra thick

make a real statement with your artwork

A picture of some of our colourful custom picture mounts.

Extra thick mount board is also available if you're looking to create a real sense of 'depth' to surround your picture, photography or piece of artwork. This type of mount board is typically 1.1mm thicker than standard or economy ranges, and even though it doesn't sound like much, we think it really makes the difference.

Attention to detail

create a stunning display

Custom picture mounts stacked together

Adding a custom made picture mount to your picture, photograph or piece of artwork lets you provide your piece with a truly stunning finish, allowing you to take complete control of your art will look on your wall. The emphasis here being on attention to detail and you can really go to town with our wide selection of colours, thicknesses and our ability to create unique, bespoke picture mounting to go alongside your framing.