A splash of colour

A huge range of colours to choose from

colourful custom picture frames

Our range of picture frames hosts an unbelievable selection of colour; finding something to suit your picture is certain. Whether you're thinking of framing your film poster in a neat modern frame in red, green or blue, or are looking for something a bit darker with more sophistication, we've got you covered.

Ornate picture frames

Add a touch of traditional style

An example of a gold ornate picture frame

Sometimes traditional choices are the best. Our ornate style mouldings add the perfect finishing touch to your more 'classical' pieces of arwork. Available in gold, silver, bronze along with a multitude of other colours, shapes and styles this category of picture frame moulding is the best bet if you're looking for something to suit the traditionally-fashioned interior.

Shabby chic picture frames

for a stylish 'distressed' style

An example shot of a shabby chic picture frame

A great choice for all kinds of artwork, and especially suited to homes containing other elements of shabby chic furniture and decor. We stock a wide variety of frames that come in to the 'shabby chic' category, and can be used to a stunning effect in tandem with cottage-styled homes.

Natural wood picture frames

picture frames in a natural style

An example of a natural wood picture frame moulding

An ever-popular choice with our custom picture framing, natural wood picture frames are both extremely versatile in terms of their potential use, and interiors in which they can work well with. Our selection hosts a wide variety of colours, shades, wood styles and finishes so you can find the perfect match for your artwork. Wood tones range from beautiful crisp light pine wooods all the way to deep, dark sophisticated mahogany styles, available with a range of patterns and engravings to add that finishing touch.


straight talking style

A picture of a modern style black custom picture frame

The most popular of all our picture frame mouldings. Modern styles can come into their own when used with nearly any piece of artwork, and in virtually any display environment. The straight lines and simple, yet elegant colour choices are made to let your artwork do the talking. Some (as displayed) host attractive matt finishes along with subtle 'grain' on the surface of the wood. This adds a touch of character to go alongside the simple contemporary feel of these frames. The perfect choice as poster frames!


furnish your art with something classical

An example of a traditionally styled custom picture frame moulding

With elegant curves, swirls and engravings traditional-styled picture frames from our collection allow you to really go to town with your art, especially if you think it will suit a style that glows with craftmanship. Our range of traditional picture frames exhibits a mind-blowing quantity of patterns, styles, colours and textures for you to choose from. The beauty of this style of frame moulding is that they can work wonderfully in both the contemporary and traditionally styled home.


sleek, precision manufactured metal picture frames

A picture of one of our many aluminium custom picture frames available.

If you're looking for something strikingly modern, our range of aluminium picture frames fits the bill perfectly. Naturally strong and lightweight, aluminium frames are built to last, and surround your picture in a shiny, contemporary style. As well as the natural silvery colour of aluminium, we also provide a wide range of other colours, such as metallic greens, blues, reds and many more.